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The Records Division of the Durham County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the management of all agency reports to include:

  • Incident Reports
  • Property Reports
  • Vehicle Reports
  • Missing Person Reports
  • Citations
  • Driver's License Pickup
  • Warning Tickets

The staff issues all standard and concealed gun permits, and manages sex offender registrations, fingerprinting, traffic stop statistics, criminal record checks for court officials only, and domestic violence orders.

Location & Hours of Operation

The Records Division is on the first floor of the Durham County courthouse located at 510 South Dillard Street in Durham.

The staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Records Requests & Fees

Contact: 919-560-0899 or 919-560-0898

Applicants can pay their fee in cash or credit at the Cashier's Office located on the first floor of the Durham County courthouse. Please note, the credit card service provider assesses a convenience fee for each permit or report.  The fee schedule is listed below. All fees are non-refundable, including permit denials.

Schedule of Service Fees
Cash Credit Card
$15.00 $18.45
   Thumbprint - Cash Only

Concealed Carry Permit
$90.00 $95.70
$75.00 $80.25
$15.00 $18.45
$3.00 $6.09
Pistol Permit
$5.00 $8.15
Report Copy
$3.00 $6.09
Security Card for Building Access
$10.00 $13.30
* Attorney's Requests Only
Cash Credit Card
Criminal History Check*
$10.00 $13.30
Driver History Check*
$10.00 $13.30

*Criminal background checks are available for court officials only. Members of the public in need of a criminal record check should visit the Clerk of Court's Office located on the first floor of the Durham County courthouse.

Public Fingerprinting Information

Gun Permits Information

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