Off Duty Employment

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This information is provided for persons or organizations wishing to employ off-duty deputy sheriffs for security and traffic control needs. The hiring of off-duty deputy sheriffs is limited to those jobs that, by their nature, will not detract from the image of the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.

The employing agent must complete and submit a completed Job Site Application and Terms and Conditions of Off Duty Employment for deputy sheriffs for approval. The application will be approved or denied based on the type of business and needs of those requesting employment of off-duty Deputy Sheriffs. This application must be approved before procuring the employment of Deputy Sheriffs.

The employing agent is paying for the services of a law enforcement officer but shall not dictate to the deputy sheriff(s) orders concerning the enforcement of laws. All Federal and North Carolina state laws, city and county ordinances will be enforced. Deputy sheriffs are prohibited from enforcing businesses policies, procedures or regulations.

An employing agent will be required to compensate the assigned deputy for a minimum of four (4) hours despite the duration of the assignment unless an exception is approved by the Sheriff or his designee.

When an employing agent decides there is a need to extend the time for a deputy to remain at the assignment beyond that which was scheduled, and the deputy already assigned at the site is able to work, the deputy sheriff(s) shall be compensated at the minimum established rate for each hour worked per deputy. A full hour’s pay shall be given for any portion of an hour worked beyond the regular scheduled time.

Off-duty rates for a deputy sheriff is a minimum of $35.00 per hour for security-related assignments and may increase with short notice or on holidays.

For more information, please email the Off Duty Coordinator at