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AUCTION RULES: What You Need to Know Before Attending an Auction


Why does the Sheriff's Office hold auctions? 

The Durham County Sheriff's is mandated by law to hold public auctions with the primary goal of satisfying civil judgments.

Does the auction property come with a guarantee or warranty? 

Personal or real property sold at an auction is purchased as is without the guarantee of a warranty.  The relocation of purchased property at an auction is the responsibility of the purchaser.

What if I have questions about real estate or personal property before it's sold at an auction? 

It is strictly up to potential bidders to research any mortgages, liens, or encumbrances attached to any real or personal property they intend to bid on.

How do I make an auction purchase?

By law, all sales are cash only; however cashier's checks and money orders are accepted. When you bid on real or personal property, you must pay at the time of the auction. If you are paying with a cashier's check or money order, make checks payable to the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

Can I pay for my sale after the auction?

You must bring check or money order to the sale to make an immediate purchase. If a bidder does not have payment immediately at the sale, the sale will be nullified and the property will be resold. Please avoid bidding on real or personal property if you do not have the money to complete the sale at the auction.

What if my payment is more than the final sale amount? 

If the bidder's payment exceeds the total amount due, the Sheriff’s Office will refund any over payment to the purchaser by regular mail.

How can I learn about more auctions?

All auctions are listed on the Durham County Sheriff's Office's website. A list of auctions are also posted on the first floor of the Durham County courthouse. Some listings are made available on social media via Twitter and Facebook.

NOTE: All auction listings are in PDF format

Personal Property - January 16, 2018

2001 Harley Davidson 1200

2006 Lincoln Zephyr

2008 Mercedes CLS 550

2004 Honda Accord

2005 Honda Civic